Build Websites

Realize your ideas into fully-functioning websites
  • Complete beginners
  • Promotion seekers
  • Entrepreneurs & Founders
  • Designers
  • Front-end Developers
  • 16 intense sessions + bonus sessions
  • Mentor support
  • Homework and feedback
  • Certificate of completion
  • Optional Code Review
  • Keep the websites you build
  • How to bring your ideas to reality
  • Basic web functionalities by rebuilding a famous website
  • HTML & CSS
  • Ruby on Rails 4
  • Bootstrap 3

Accelerated learning of web development
by rebuilding a famous website

Highly engaging. Easy to understand. Fun.

Pinmazing2 Rails
powered by Ruby on Rails - the friendly web programming language

Letter from the instructor

"Bring your own ideas to life is the most desired skill
in the 21st century"

Everybody dreams about independence, follow your dreams, but few people know how to jump ship, change careers, and start an online business successfully. There is so much risk involved in every step of realizing your own idea.

To build your online product, you might think you need a web developer which is expensive and you quickly run out of money. Investors will not finance you because they want to see your product first before investing. You also think you have to spend most all of time on your new potential business, but also cannot quit your well-paid job. It is a classic chicken-egg problem I experienced several times and you feel trapped, frustrated and unsatisfied with your life.

So, what should you do?

The solution lies in a couple of insights:

1. You don't need to quit your job to realize your dream and become independent (yet :-)

Every successful online business starts as a side business: You can start part-time and follow your passion. You don't have to quit or go all-in from the first minute. As soon as your online business takes off, you will automatically put more energy on your new baby. You will realize 2 things then: Is it as much as fun, as you thought in the beginning? Second, you might actually want to quit, because you already make more money on the side with your business than with your real job. The risk is lower than before to quit, you might do it and you feel truly happy.

2. You don't need much cash to realize your dream

Expensive agencies or developers are not required in the beginning. They harm you more than they do good and, nowadays, building really beautiful websites is easier than ever. I believe you can build pretty much most of your ideas yourself without any previous knowledge required. If your website is popular among your first users, it will also be easier to convince investors, other co-founders like a tech guy to join your mission.

3. You don't need much time to launch your first website

We teach you the most efficient way to realize your idea using agile development principles. You don't have to learn coding the hard way, but will learn more and more on the side while building your product. Today, there are so many modules you can use to patchwork your website within few days - you have to know where to find them though (don't worry, we'll show you).

There is sooo much stuff out there to learn - from Codeacademy to various online tutorials, and Meetups, there are just too many resources - you feel confused and most of the stuff out there is less fun, will bring you less quickly to your running website and you loose interest quickly. With the coderletics websites course, you can continue your job (for the time being), save money and will be able to build whatever you want independently within a very short amount of time.

Ok, so why is not everybody doing it then yet?

The hardest part about learning to code is getting the confidence to build something on your own. And that’s easier than you think and one of the precise reasons why we created this class.

The second hardest part is having the motivation to stick with it. In the coderletics websites course, you’re going to build an actual website from day 1. Within less than three weeks and not more than 30 minutes of your time a day is what you have to invest. By the end of the course, you’ll be building websites yourself without any of my help.

Back in the days during your school time, did you feel that you only needed 10% of the stuff you learned and the rest was not really useful and you never used that knowledge again? We boiled down years of knowledge into 21 days - by focusing on the parts you actually need.

So, if you DON’T want to spend 10 weeks memorizing random HTML tags or FOR-loops, but you DO want to build a website quickly? Then this course if for you!

I see, but do I need any previous knowledge?

The coderletics websites course is made for the total beginner - no previous knowledge required. I went through the same experience when I taught myself how to code one year ago. Development scared the hell out of me, but I knew that if I could learn, then I could bring my ideas to life quickly and cheaply.

This is the course that I wish I had back then. I would have saved a lot of time and money if that course would have existed before.

By the end you will confidently understand HTML & CSS, Rails, Bootstrap and build your own websites independently - guaranteed or you will get your money back. I hope you join the revolution of coders, solo-preneurs, web work travelers, prototypers, bootstrappers, you name it! Let’s do this and learn together. :-)

I’ll see you in the course,

Matthias Bellmann

Course outline

The product features you will build

The project you are about to build is an amazing website called PINMAZING. It is a clone of everyone's favorite web-darling Pinterest.

In case you are not familiar with Pinterest, quickly check out the Pinterest website we are re-creating here and come back to the tutorial.

After completing the course you will know how to build your own version of Pinterest. More importantly, you will also have the skills to develop your own projects outside of Pinterest by reusing the functionalities you learned during the PINMAZING project.

Browser Settings: Chrome

In order for you to have the smoothest learning experience, please download the Chrome browser now if you are not already using it, and re-open the Coderletics website from there. This way you are always looking at the same screen view that we have and you can follow along without interruptions or confusion.

Now - in the Chrome browser - open via a right-click in a new browser tab. This is the site you are building during this course. This is what your end result will look like. Looks very similar to the original Pinterest we want to re-create. Pretty impressive!

The PINMAZING web app consists of seven important components and steps that you are going to build one by one.

7 Components

1.Navigation Bar:

You will build a navigation bar with options for the user to log in, upload images and choose a language.


2. User Authentication:

You will build a login and a signUp page with all the functionalities to save user data to your database and allow them to edit their data.


3. Image Upload:

This will enable your users to upload images as pins from their computer.


4. Commenting:

This allows your users to comment on uploaded images and to save those comments to your database.


5. Pagination:

This lets your users flip pages if the images do not fit on one page.


6. Responsive Design:

This makes sure your site looks good on all screen sizes: desktop, tablet and mobile.

23 mobile


23 desktop

Desktop and Tablets

7. Deployment and Production:

This gets your page publicly visible on the Internet with a public domain such as


Coding Languages and Frameworks this course covers:

Languages: Ruby, HTML, CSS, Javascript

A coding LANGUAGE is the language your app is written in. We will write the PINMAZING web app in Ruby mixed with some HTML and some CSS to style our pages. There will also be a bit of Javascript. Everything that the user of your page sees is called the FRONTEND, and it is written in the languages that were just mentioned.

Frameworks: Rails, Bootstrap

We use a FRAMEWORK called Rails to create the backend. The BACKEND is where the user data and images will be saved and managed. The user does not see this part of the app.

In addition to that, we will use the popular frontend framework Bootstrap to help us style our pages in a modern style instead of a HTML-90's feel style without too much work.

Databases: Postgres, SQL

We will use Postgres and SQL as our databases for the backend.

Other: Heroku, Git, Github

And we will use a service called Heroku that can host our PINMAZING app and make it accessible from anywhere in the world. Without a platform like Heroku our site would only be accessible on our own computer via our local server, which goes by the name localhost.

Last but not least, we will learn how to never lose a line of code by using GIT and GITHUB.

This course will enable you to:

Boost your career:

You want to boost your career, gain a competitive advantage in the job market, become a software engineer or product manager and earn a top-paying salary?

Become your own boss:

You want to become your own boss, be able to realize your own ideas quickly and do not want to depend on a technical person in terms of skills and money in order to be able to start?

Be an inspiration:

You want to challenge yourself? You want to stand as a role model because you believe that programming is the skill of the 21st century that everyone should invest in? You want to spur productivity and understand your technical co-founder or co-workers better?

By the end of this course you will have:

Solid tech foundations:

You will have a solid foundation that will help you become a Junior developer along with the help of other Coderletics tutorials. You will also be at a level where you can teach yourself additional new languages, frameworks, and tools by leveraging your understanding of how web code works. Being able to read software documentation quickly and correctly and knowing how to help yourself when you are stuck will be helpful skills that you pick up along the way.

Your own first live web app:

You will have coded your first own web app and understand the basic concepts behind coding and web development. You will know how to re-use the functionalities from PINMAZING and implement them into your own website and web app ideas that you have always wanted to realize.

Achiever mentality:

It feels good to learn something new. By the end of this course you will have learned something millions of people want to learn and millions more should learn. It is a great investment of your time. Congratulations again for making the step ahead.